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Jon Garett writes stories that are fun and fantastical, family friendly, and clever, with a twist of liberty and individualism. All these titles are availbale in print or eBook formats.

Willy Wise's Garden


Willy Wise was a model Citizen. He was on time for his Contribution and was a good neighbor to all of those in the Dedicated Blocks.
But after an encounter with a strange, old woman in an alley, everything changed.

Soon, Willy’s neighbors were snooping over the fence. The weather played tricks with the sun and the rain. And then the Servants started to pop up with something to say about everything.
All of this because Willy wanted grits for breakfast. 

Willy Wise's Garden is a fast paced, humorous, counter-economic parable set in a world, not quite exactly, but, disturbingly similar to our own.

The Adventures of Seamus Tripp

- with Richard Walsh

The Adventures of Seamus Tripp are fun and exciting stories for the whole family. Travel with Seamus and his awkward nephew Gordon, the stuffy accountant Myron and the precocious Elie Doolittle as they explore the unknown corners of a Victorian world filled with monsters, treasure, magic and mystery.

Start your adventure, too, with any of the full length novels, or short stories at

Anarchy Rising: The Clarion Call,
vol 1

- Editor

Cyborgs living at the edge of society. Military conspiracies. A condemned prophet. “Mad” scientists. Drones. Dark energy. And a gleaming, private metropolis...

...We are standing on the brink of anarchy! At least if we are lucky.

In this first volume of The Clarion Call, eight authors share their visions of anarchy in action; visions of a world built by the voluntary actions of individuals, without nation states, without arbitrary lines or colors on a map. A world where anything is possible: Peace, Culture, Justice, Wisdom & Progress. A world of Anarchy Rising.


The Clarion Call anthology series is the brain-child of the Agorist Writers Workshop, a gathering of liberty-minded novice and professional writers. To learn more about the project, visit us at

Perchance to Dream

- with Richard Walsh

Romeo and Juliet. Hamlet. Macbeth. Everyone has heard their names. Everyone knows their stories. But you've never seen them like this.

In this collection, some of the hottest names in YA today reimagine ten of Shakespeare's best-known plays and sonnets for a new audience. From sci-fi adventures on distant moons to modern magic found in everyday places, these updated myths pay homage to the Bard's timeless storytelling while spinning fresh and original tales that will captivate readers all over again.

"Shoulders of Giants," a sci-fi/political satire adaptation of Titus Andronicus, by Jon Garett & Richard Walsh.

Valiant, He Endured

- with Richard Walsh

From the 1898 Martian Siege of Baltimore to a forlorn AI attack dog on the blue-star-scarred surface of MZ458-C and from the merc-manned Freestead Mayflower off the coast of post-apocalyptic Portland to the man-desperate shores of the Red Sea, here are seventeen science fiction stories of valiant endurance.

These heroes battle conspiracies of usurpers, confront the unearned consequences of others’ willful lunacy, seek out buried truths at unbearable personal expense and endure the inhuman demands of digital rebellion in worlds innately hostile to truth and freedom.

"Paradoxes of Water Filtration", How can a small business owner on a libertarian seastead compete with established rivals? by Jon Garett & Richard Walsh.

The Great Tome of Forgotten Relics and Artifacts

- with Richard Walsh

The Great Tome of Forgotten Relics and Artifacts presents fifteen original speculative tales of magical items, cursed relics, ancient artifacts, and alien devices.

"The Adventure of Seamus Tripp & the Golden Plates": The seventh installment of The Adventures of Seamus Tripp.

Deep under the hills of Deseret is hidden the greatest secret of the first American Church.

Can Seamus Tripp outwit the agents of an ancient sect as well as the enforcers of the New Saints?

He's Seamus Tripp, Antiquarian.

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