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June 6, '16

The Clarion Call, vol 2- Author announcement


The Agorist Writers' Workshop has announced the author's for this year's Clarion Call: Echoes of Liberty, a collection of liberty themed, historical fiction.

Click here for the full announcement.

Congratulations to all of the talented folks that were selected.

Feb. 1, '16

Jon Garett on 1DimitriRadio


Jon Garett is interviewed by long time libertarian podcaster Dimitri Vassilaros, discussing politics, writing, anarchism and the Agorist Writers' Workshop.

Click here to listen to the whole episode.

Sept. 27, '15

Jon Garett on the Bob Davis Podcast


Political and cultural commentator Bob Davis visits Agorafest 2015 and talks with several attendees and presenters.

Jon Garett discusses the futility of party politics and the need for artistic outreach of liberty messages.

Click here to listen to the full episode.


Sept. 26, '15

The Clarion Call, vol 1: Anarchy Rising released!

The Agorist Writers' Workshop held a release party at Agorafest 2015 for their first annual collection of liberty themed speculatve fiction, The Clarion Call, vol 1: Anarchy Rising. Attenedees enjoyed cake and treats, local brews and readings by contributing authors.

Click here for more.

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